Absolute anti-aging expertise. For sixteen years.

Dr. med. Rosemarie Klotz

The focus is clear: “long-lasting good skin.”

Dr. Rosemarie Klotz and her team have made modern skin care something special through their passion and dedication, and they have done so for over sixteen years.

We were among the first to identify glycols as the only necessary – and sensible – preservative for excellent skin care nearly two decades ago. It was more expensive, but much better for the skin.

We were among the first to bring penetration systems for anti-aging products from the pharmaceutical sector into the consumer sector.

We were among the first to recognize that certain types of hyaluronic acid can deliver particularly good results with these penetration systems.

This has enabled us to become one of the most successful technology carriers and producers in an entire industry.

We are the originals from KLOTZ LABS. Made in Germany.

Dr. med. Rosemarie Klotz

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We manufacture our products independently in Germany according to the highest standard IFS HPC.

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