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Sustainable processes and technological advancement

Progress needs visionaries, visionaries need progress. Following this philosophy, the KLOTZ LABS cosmetics manufacturer has set itself the goal of nothing less than revolutionizing natural cosmetics against skin aging and is pursuing this goal meticulously out of "artistic ambition" alone. For almost two decades now, the KLOTZ LABS team of experts has been working with great passion to give cosmetics the solid basis that lives up to its potential as effective and environmentally friendly skin care. The result: high technology with hyaluronic acid as the core substance that counteracts the signs of premature skin aging with modern, effect-related technology and thus the best that cosmetic research has to offer - but without any environmentally harmful additives and production processes.

Quality through in-house production

By operating their own research and manufacturing laboratory, the experts at KLOTZ LABS have absolute control over the production processes - from the careful selection of the raw materials used to the manufacturing processes and the selection of sustainable product packaging, the German cosmetics manufacturer leaves nothing to chance and can guarantee the highest quality of its products through in-house production. KLOTZ LABS is thus taking the "Made in Germany" quality seal one step further: "Handmade" in Germany, in the west of Munich, under the watchful eyes of competent doctors and cosmetics experts. This expertise is also trusted by over 40 national and international companies for whose portfolio KLOTZ LABS produces cosmetics as a contract manufacturer.

Tradition meets innovation

The aspect of sustainability is not only important in theory, but is also pursued with passion in practice every day. In keeping with the natural cosmetics tradition, all raw materials used for the in-house KLOTZ LABS care line come from sustainable cultivation methods, substances of animal origin are completely avoided and production is as CO2-neutral as possible not only on paper but also in reality. Thanks to the innovative ambition of the team of experts, these "traditional" premises are supplemented with progressive thinking and research approaches, thus raising the effectiveness of natural cosmetics to a new level.

Tolerability and effectiveness confirmed by experts

Based on the clinical expertise of Dr. Rosemarie Klotz, all KLOTZ LABS care products are tested for their skin compatibility and their potential to improve the skin's appearance. The heart of the ingredients is always hyaluronic acid and its high concentrates. The anti-aging cell miracle has strong water-binding properties, replenishes the skin's water reserves and thus achieves its notorious wrinkle-reducing, skin-smoothing effect. In combination with the best absorption substances that optimize the absorption of hyaluronic acid into the skin layers, as well as other special cell and skin-active ingredients, the unique KLOTZ LABS formula is created - it is the basis of KLOTZ LABS products and the secret of a youthfully radiant complexion. The KLOTZ LABS hyaluronic care line for the prevention and visible reduction of wrinkles currently includes plumping creams, regenerative and pigment-reducing serums and special care products for hypersensitive skin.

Sustainability, innovation, expertise, trust – KLOTZ LABS cosmetics: developed by doctors, manufactured according to environmental and ethical standards and the highest pharmaceutical quality standards, recommended by pharmacists.