Hyaluronic acid products also help in the care and reduction of scars

Do you also suffer from unsightly scars on your face or body? Classic care products quickly reach their limits when it comes to scars - but KLOTZ LABS cosmetic products with high doses of hyaluronic acid have also proven to be extremely effective and efficient in scar care.
To put it simply, hyaluronic acid evens out unevenness using water. This plumping not only smoothes out wrinkles, but also works when the skin is damaged.

Hyaluron has proven itself in medical practice when treating scars. You can easily treat scars yourself by choosing KLOTZ LABS cosmetic products . This not only improves the appearance of your skin, but also supports the skin's immunological defense mechanisms and its anti-inflammatory properties. Healing processes are accelerated and your skin appears plumper, more elastic and healthier.

The KLOTZ LABS cosmetic products with hyaluronic acid are available as facial and body care, as well as specifically for the hands and the eye area.
Don’t just take scars for granted – treat them effectively and efficiently with our exquisite products developed by doctors.

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