Cosmetics in hand luggage: KLOTZ LABS Serum is allowed to be taken on board

Also on the flight: KLOTZ LABS hyaluronic cosmetics

Summer vacation is just around the corner: Are you one of the lucky ones who will soon be getting on a plane and flying to the most beautiful vacation destinations? You don't have to go without your hyaluronic cosmetics on the plane: Although they are liquid, KLOTZ LABS can be taken in your hand luggage due to their compact size.

Since 2006, 27 EU countries have had uniform regulations on carrying liquids in hand luggage. These were introduced to prevent terrorist attacks using liquid explosives on airplanes. Since then, a maximum of 100 milliliters of liquid is permitted in hand luggage, which must be kept in a transparent plastic bag.
KLOTZ LABS hyaluronic products are available in two different sizes. But even the larger format for serums only contains 50 ml and can therefore easily be taken on the plane.

Especially when you fly to the sun, your skin is exposed to particular stress. You should not forget your hyaluronic cosmetics to provide your skin with plenty of moisture and to protect it from free radicals and dryness. We recommend the combination of hyaluronic cosmetics and sun care for your beach holiday to reliably protect and care for your skin.

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