Beautiful eyes: With hyaluronic serum for a smooth and radiant eye area

Make your eyes beautiful with the right care

Our eyes are the first to give us away: they are witnesses to a long night and show stress and tiredness without a doubt. This makes it all the more important that your eyes receive high-quality care. With CONTOURISTA you can rely on a highly concentrated serum with hyaluronic acid for fewer wrinkles and reduced swelling around the eyes - for a fresh, radiant appearance.

CONTOURISTA contains a high dose of hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines around the eyes, increase moisture and firmer skin. At the same time, vitamin C supports the skin in the formation of new elastic connective tissue fibers, while caffeine promotes the removal of waste products and visibly reduces swelling of the eyelids. Urea, as an additional moisturizing factor in CONTOURISTA, ensures an enhanced anti-wrinkle effect.

The highly concentrated serum makes your eyes shine and underlines your naturally beautiful radiance. At the same time, CONTOURISTA offers intensive protection against environmental toxins and free radicals, thus preventing the visible signs of aging.
CONTOURISTA is the right care for your eye area from the age of 30: rely on high-quality cosmetics that have been developed by doctors according to pharmacopoeia recipes. You will be impressed by the results.

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