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The original, rated “very good” – a highly concentrated, absolutely compatible HYALURON BOOSTER serum against wrinkles with the purest hyaluronic acid.

This product has been rated “very good” by the Foundation for the Promotion of Skin Health.
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Exclusively developed for the face and neck area, HYALURON BOOSTER saturates your skin with an exquisite, high-dose serum that reduces the depth of wrinkles and rebuilds the skin.

Dr. med. Rosemarie Klotz
Hyaluron is a molecule produced by the body and its production decreases as we age. This causes wrinkles. By using our highly concentrated product HYALURON BOOSTER SERUM, it is possible to counteract this process. Wrinkles on the face are reduced by highly concentrated hyaluronic acid.

The intensive effect of the HYALURON BOOSTER serum is achieved by the fact that concentrated hyaluronic acid penetrates into all layers of the skin and fills the intercellular space with its enormous water-binding capacity, stimulates metabolic processes and thus reduces wrinkles. We use a special form of biotechnologically generated hyaluronic acid, which is easily absorbed and free of allergenic contaminants.

The hyaluronic acid precursor N-acetylglucosamine promotes the skin's own production of hyaluronic acid because the presence of this hyaluronic acid precursor stimulates the skin's own hyaluronic enzymes to form the entire hyaluronic acid molecule from this precursor. This promotes metabolic processes and stimulates the skin's own reconstruction. The special absorption substances in KLOTZ LABS HYALURON BOOSTER ensure that the unique formula is absorbed particularly quickly and well. The skin maintains its good condition thanks to the intensive moisture it provides. Because we do not use alcohol, parabens or fragrances, we guarantee that your skin will be completely tolerated and will not experience any negative effects, even and especially with long-term use.