Hyaluron Booster

Effective against wrinkles with the Hyaluron Booster

When applied as a highly concentrated serum to the face and neck, hyaluronic acid reduces the depth of wrinkles and revitalizes the intercellular water reservoir of mature skin. After just a few days, the skin appears noticeably smoother and plumper. The ingredient contained in the hyaluronic acid booster tightens the face and improves elasticity. The protective film formed by the hyaluronic acid booster prevents the skin from drying out and thus protects against negative environmental influences. In addition, the hyaluronic acid neutralizes free radicals. Thanks to the serum, the skin feels many years younger and the complexion appears noticeably smoother and more radiant. For this reason, the "Foundation for the Promotion of Skin Health" rated the hyaluronic acid booster as "very good". The serum does not contain any allergens and is ideal for daily use. To achieve a satisfactory effect, two to three drops each morning and evening are sufficient.

Many good reasons speak for Hyaluron Booster

Hyaluron Booster is a serum that is also very suitable as a stand-alone anti-aging product for demanding skin. One milliliter of Hyaluron Booster contains 10 milligrams of special hyaluronic acid, which binds the water in the skin and thus has a plumping effect. The maximally concentrated serum thus ensures fewer wrinkles and is ideal for men and women over the age of 30. The anti-aging serum has a positive effect on every skin type and also supports the care of any existing scars. Hyaluron Booster is therefore recommended to anyone who wants to maintain their youthful appearance in the future. In this respect, the product can be used both as a preventative measure and to treat existing wrinkles. The high-dose serum with the medically effective hyaluronic acid is available in various pack sizes. Thanks to special absorption substances and the special Klotz Labs formula, the anti-wrinkle product can be absorbed particularly quickly into the skin and work exactly where it is needed.